A downloadable game

A lonely, uprooted molar walks along a flouride-forsaken wasteland, where candies skitter to and fro. After a plea and some help from the divine, he is reborn as Mo'Larr.

Wield the mighty Hammer of Krebs as you crush all candies who dare to oppose you. You are not entirely alone, however; the goddess Andante shall lay a path of healing before you, strewn with the Toothpaste of the Divine!


I'm working on using py2app and py2exe to get executables put together (if you have experience in getting pygame to play nicely with either of py2app or py2exe, please let me know). Until then, you'll need Python 2, pygame, and numpy.

The source can be found at http://github.com/jackmaney/molarr

Published Feb 03, 2014